Hamlet Live

When: February 5, 2012, 2:00pm

Where: Toronto ON

Hamlet Live

In 2080, the world is quite a different place. Violent solar flares in the early 21st Century triggered an unparalleled nuclear meltdown across the globe, leaving vast quantities of land desolate – and dangerous. Some of the more organized nations, Denmark among them, were able to produce the effort and resources necessary to prevent their reactors from melting down, only to have to rush to their own defense against dislocated and desperate populations seeking new homes.

A brutal war, replete with every kind of atrocity, the fuel of nightmares, ensued, engulfing what habitable parts of the world that were left in implacable death. Only now, thanks to mass slaughter and the efficient and remorseless measures of a handful of generals has the war finally come to a close. Denmark has done well under the martial leadership of King Hamlet, though his sudden passing at the very height of his glory has left a nation in mourning. His brother, Claudius, with the voice of the people at his back, has stepped forth and assumed the imperial mantle and married the former King’s Queen, Gertrude.

It is during this transition that we find the young Hamlet, the son of the late King, a warrior prince and imperial candidate by his own right, puzzling over the grief in his heart. “The time is out of joint,” he remarks; it is only when his father comes to him as a ghost and accuses his uncle of murdering him that Hamlet realizes just howout of joint the time is and “That ever [he] was born to set it right.” Now Hamlet “with wings as swift/As meditation or the thoughts of love” must “sweep” to his revenge. And vengeance will be had.

What’s Different?

Because everyone on board Hamlet Live is working for free, we want to show the world just how much effort we go through to make an amazing product, because, it is only with the goodwill of the people of the world that we can bring our vision of live performance without boundaries to everyone, regardless of their location. Which brings us to the truly exciting element of Hamlet Live:

Live Streaming!

The Hamlet Live team mean to take this classic, and most famous of stories,and broadcast it to anyone with the desire to watch, whenever, and wherever they want. Not only do they want to bring this tale to anyone anywhere, but they want to do it with the highest possible quality: they want multiple cameras, multiple angles,and an editor, live on the job, editing as they go!

Lights Camera Imagine of Canada

Email: info@lightscameraimagine.ca

Charity Number: 80877 7809 RR0001